Special Reports

  • SPECIAL REPORT – Learn Why You MUST Have a Mobile Website - “The importance of having a mobile website for your business has increased rapidly as more and more mobile phone users have an internet enabled mobile handsets so that they can use the internet whenever and wherever they want.”
  • SPECIAL REPORT – Learn the Top 5 Things Your Website MUST Have – “It is not enough to simply have a good-looking website anymore – the literally thousands of “good looking” webpages on the Internet going up every single day will drown out the aesthetics of your webpage without even trying.”
  • SPECIAL REPORT – Learn the Top 5 Mistakes Companies Make – “A lot of time and money goes into designing and marketing a business website.  Unfortunately, for the time and money that is spent to develop the business website can be wasted when the designers and marketers fall victim to some of the most common mistakes that are made in the industry.”
  • SPECIAL REPORT – A Blog Will Help Your Marketing – “When it comes to online marketing, the strategies that worked just a few years ago have been nullified by the updates in the major search engine algorithms.  No longer is it acceptable to simply spam keywords across a webpage and hope for the best. Neither can you spam your link across dead blogs and message boards in order to increase the quantity in hopes that simply having more links than the competition will raise your position in the major search engines.”
  • SPECIAL REPORT – A Website Will Increase Your Company’s Revenue – “If your business does not have a website then you will tend to find that possible customers or clients are simply going to your competition due to your competitors taking their Internet presence more seriously so if you are not yet online, then the following information may prove to be quite useful to you.”
  • SPECIAL REPORT – 7 Ways Online Video can Help Convert Visitors into Buyers – “The Internet is a very visual medium, so it is imperative to reach out to your website’s visitors with high quality graphics, images and videos. Written content also plays a large role, but there are definitely a lot of people who prefer to watch a video instead of taking the time to read a long article.”
  • SPECIAL REPORT – 5 Ways to Convert Website Visitors to Clients – “Converting visitors into prospects is essential for effective web marketing. SEO strategies that do not bring in the desired results are futile. There are many promotional methods like PPC (pay-per-click), banner advertising and online advertising that can improve the traffic on your site.”
  • SPECIAL REPORT – Why are Online Reviews Important – “Positive online reviews can equate to more website views and more customers buying a particular product or using a certain service from one business over another one offering similar services. Online reviews shouldn’t be ignored as a potential source for extra revenue.”
  • SPECIAL REPORT – Top 7 Ways to Get On Top of the Search Engines – “If you own a business and you want to raise your brand awareness on the Internet, then you certainly know how important it is to have your site listed among the top results in search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing.  However, this is anything but easy: this performance involves a lot of effort and determination, and usually an investment. Even so, the results are certainly worth your time and money, as you will get a positive return-on-investment within several months.”